Your Carpet: You Won’t Believe What’s Going on Down There

Did you know that carpet that is not put through a rigorous cleaning regime can become a hotbed for all kinds of unwanted insect activity? Yes, without proper carpet cleaning, your carpet can be turned into a micro-ecosystem of survival, breeding, and proliferation. Clothes moths, carpet beetles, and even silverfish could be infesting your carpet without you even knowing it.


In this article, we will look at who is lurking deep within your carpet fabrics, what they are doing there, and what you can do to stop them.


Clothes Moths


It is not so much the clothes moths themselves you need to worry about, it is their larvae. Clothes moth larvae actually feed on the fabric that your carpet is made of. What’s worse, is that they also love to eat things like dust, pollen, and pet hair, making a carpet that hasn’t been cleaned properly a giant clothes moth buffet.


However, your carpet isn’t just a giant meal for these insects. Clothes moths love to live in small dark places, making areas of your carpet such as behind doors, corners, and behind furniture, a clothes moth breeding paradise. Without regular carpet cleaning, your carpet could become a fertile clothes moth farm.



Carpet Beetles


There is a reason why they are called carpet beetles. These tiny critters will cause more damage to your carpet fabric than any other insect. In fact, the carpet beetle naturally loves to be around other smaller insects, so a dirty carpet that is riddled with insects, will be a welcome invitation to the average carpet beetle.


Carpet beetles also feed on pollen, which they can find in abundance on a carpet that has not been regularly vacuumed or steam cleaned. Furthermore, if you think an airy room that gets a lot of natural light will be safe from carpet beetles, think again. Unlike other insects, carpet beetles love sunlight and space and are not afraid to spread their wings and fly when the conditions are right.





Unlike the carpet destroying clothes moth and carpet beetle, the silverfish won’t actually eat your carpet. Nevertheless, your carpet can still be a silverfish’s favorite playground. Silverfish eat the same type of food you do, the only problem is they are a lot smaller than you. This means that even microscopic pieces of food that become embedded in your carpet will lure silverfish into your home, making regular carpet cleaning paramount in silverfish defense.


Silverfish are like the vampires of the insect world as they only come out at night when you’re asleep. This means you may not even be aware of a silverfish infestation. Furthermore, they tend to live in dark cool places such as under furniture and in between carpets and walls. They can also live in these areas for months on end without food, waiting for you to drop a single crumb before they come out to feed.


What to do


 The secret to an insect free carpet is regular home cleaning of not just your carpets, but of all areas in the home.


 Allot of the problem is caused by microscopic particles of dust, pollen, and food. In many cases, the average vacuum cleaner may not have sufficient suction to remove the problem. In this case, commercial carpet cleaning vacuums should be called in.


 There is nothing that kills insects faster than heat. If you truly want to live on an insect free carpet, professional carpet steam cleaning, done regularly, will literally steam insects out of your carpet for good.


Don’t allow your carpet to become a fertile ecosystem for these invaders. Your carpet must be defended with a cleaning routine and regular visits from carpet cleaning experts, who have the vacuuming power and the heat laden steam to remove these critters from your home for good.

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